U-Win is a comprehensive, end-to-end Windows migration solution that reduces the cost and complexity associated with migration. It allows you to perform quick, enterprise-wide backups and unattended clean migrations of user data and settings for heterogeneous systems from a single console.

U-Win performs the actual migration, deploys applications, and restores user settings. This promotes standardization and business continuity for a secure, reliable network. This platform-independent program accommodates all of your hardware, software, and user requirements without using imaging technology.

U-Win includes asset tracking, advanced user data backup, Windows upgrade, personal settings, and application deployment.

To develop and implement a successful migration strategy, use U-Win to:

  • Prepare for and plan your migration project
  • Perform the actual migration
  • Deploy applications
  • Restore user data and settings
  • Simplify ongoing system rollout with hardware refresh requirements
  • Maintain systems continuously to ensure a secure, reliable, and efficient network

U-Win, designed with your end-user in mind, is an excellent alternative to imaging. U-Win is platform independent, allowing you to create a remote migration strategy that accommodates your hardware, software, and user requirements. U-Win significantly expedites Windows migration and eliminates much of the post-migration support that consumes your precious time and resources.Features and benefits include:

  • Network analysis and migration planning by BOSS to ensure smooth migrations
  • Customizable migration templates that can be applied to workstation groups for quick migrations
  • Comprehensive - or selective - data backup to save just that information you deem necessary
  • Unattended “clean installation” of the target operating system, which reduces IT resources
  • Automated user profile and network configuration to save time
  • Single-click deployment of standard and user-specific applications to multiple workstations across the enterprise, which simplifies application rollouts
  • Complete retention and restoration of user data and settings to ensure minimal user interruptions

Diagwin Enterprise

Diagwin Enterprise is a comprehensive management tool for both IT assets and non-IT assets. For IT assets, an array of features enable you to gather and manage IT inventory from your network workstations with ease and control. In addition, this customizable software allows you to deploy software, upgrades, and OS patches, discover software license mismatches, remotely view and control network workstations and run any of the more than 100 predefined or individually tailored reports. And by using our automated help desk, BOSSAssist, you can quickly resolve issues facing your IT support team.

For all assets, you can record what the asset is, where it is located, make and model, serial numbers, and add notes as to the dates it was procured and disposed, the price (or lease terms), and print a bar code to identify it.


  • Improves the efficiency of your enterprise
  • Manages IT and non-IT assets from a centralized console
  • Provides bar coding to make it easy to track assets
  • Pares down IT expenditures and maximizes asset investments
  • Knows exactly what assets are available and how they are used
  • Minimizes legal liabilities through software compliance
  • Integrates with Microsoft WSUS to provide reliable and effective patch management solutions
  • Gives quick return on investment through swift implementation time and immediate results
  • Performs trend analysis and powerful queries
  • Meets organizational needs through flexible and customizable solutions
  • Offers built-in access control features and user-based roles for enhanced security
Boss Assist

Boss Assist -the new help desk tool from BOSS, can be used to support both internal and external users. BOSSAssist makes it easy for users to enter their tickets through an intuitive Web portal, and makes it equally easy for technicians to track, respond to, and resolve tickets on a central Windows console.

BOSSAssist easily extends itself as an enterprise workflow management system. In addition to tracking all IT-related issues, BOSSAssist can be used to automate any of your workflow management requirements. With the help of the flexible, customizable, end-to-end, built-in business rules engine, any complex business process can be automated.

BOSSAssist provides answers for some of perennial help desk problems faced by help desk managers. Timesheet tracking helps them optimize their efforts and utilize resources better resulting in overall process improvement. The ability to track purchase information related to a help desk ticket makes it easier for the accounting department to reconcile accounts. It also helps in budget control and planning.

Whether it is claim processing, vendor relationships, customer relationships, accounting relationships or any other workflow needs, the answer is BOSSAssist.

BOSSAssist installs quickly and offers a great return on investment. Among the benefits of BOSSAssist that can smooth the relationship between your help desk and both internal and external customers:

  • Workflow automation enables tracking of processes as well as assets
  • Customizable business rules engine ensures that tickets are routed to the most appropriate resource
  • Automated e-mails keep users informed about the status of their tickets
  • Automatic escalation of problem tickets to the next level ensures a prompt response
  • Intuitive user Web interface helps users monitor the status of their tickets
  • Built-in knowledgebase and FAQs
  • Simple and yet powerful technician interface provides complete information about issues and provides tools to debug and fix issues
  • Unattended application and patch deployment provides minimal end-user interruptions
  • Built-in debugging tools help technicians resolve problems more quickly and easily
  • Robust RDBMS engine provides a significant advantage to administrators and managers in handling IT operations
  • Quick and simple installation allows immediate use of BOSSAssist
  • Proven client server methodology and data transfer that occurs through secure encrypted TCP/IP packets ensures system integrity