Cabri 3D

Cabri 3D is interactive solid geometry software based on 3rd generation Cabri technology. It enables users to build and manipulate figures in 3D. It is entirely designed and developed by Cabrilog, and is the first born of Cabrilog products using third generation Cabri technology.

This interactive software enables you to construct and manipulate the following solid geometry objects: points, lines, line segments, rays, vectors, circles and conic sections, planes, triangles, polygons, spheres, cylinders, cones, polyhedrons, transformations.

A Cabri 3D document consists of a set of pages, with one or more views on each page, displaying the figure through different projections. While constructing, already built objects can be constantly manipulated, and the projection of the current view updated. Colour, size and texture can be applied to create even more attractive and comprehensible figures. The plug-in allows dynamic geometry figures to be published on the Internet, and in word processing documents.


Cabri Geometry II Plus

Cabri Geometry II Plus is a software from Cabrilog, made exclusively for Texas Instruments selected products.

Texas Instruments offers three Cabri Geometry products for teachers and students: Cabri Geometry II, Cabri Geometry for TI-92 Plus, and Cabri Geometry for TI-89. TI and the authors of Cabri Geometry II jointly developed geometry applications for the TI-92 Plus and TI-89 that have the look and feel of Cabri Geometry II. Cabri Geometry II even allows you to open geometry figures created on the TI-92 Plus and TI-89.

Work in Euclidian, transformational and analytic geometry - it’s all there. Cutting-edge technology lets students alter figures on the screen, allowing them to see patterns, make conjectures and draw their own conclusions.

Check out these other great features:

  • Includes Cartesian and polar coordinates
  • Constructs conics, including ellipses and hyperbolas
  • Explores advanced concepts in projective and hyperbolic geometry
  • Customizes menus so that only relevant tools appear