Digital Information Gateway (DIG®) is the industry's best solution for Federated Search and Information Sharing. DIG can securely connect information among any number of organizations and handles an extensive number of databases, intranet content, web sites, office documents, and other types of files.

DIG is currently operational in a number of state & local law enforcement agencies where over 30 organizations are able to securely share over 100 data sources in real time. DIG is changing how organizations share data - while securely controlling access, logging queries, and enabling the data owner to remain in control of their own sources. The DIG Virtual Data Warehouse approach to information sharing ensures that:

  • Data is always up to date (never copied or moved)
  • There are no ownership issues (owners of the data maintain their ownership and access control)
  • Security, data access and data purity is maintained by the original owners of the data (no changes can be made by outside users)
  • There is no costly translation, fixed schema, or data transport (as would be required by a physical data warehouse or other approaches)

DIG Symphony manages key data processing operations providing integrated data quality, standardization, integration, parsing, enhancing, correcting, merging, matching, purging and general cleansing functionality. The DIG Symphony Designer enables visualization of data quality programs through a point-and-click designer that builds on-the-fly transformations and generates results for review prior to deployment. Use the DIG Symphony Designer to build any number of transformations to fully integrate your data sources and provide a single, consistent view of all of your data. The DIG suite of tools provides your organization with:

  • A single, integrated solution to managing data availability and access.
  • A single search and retrieval interface to all of your data resources.
  • Full control over data access permissions at the user level.
  • The ability to create common, searchable data types across multiple, disparate databases.
  • Complete data cleansing and transformation functionality.
  • Full, customizable event and transaction audit logging .
The DIG suite of tools provides your users with a simple search interface that:
  • Lets users search from any platform (Windows, UNIX, Linux) using their favorite web browser.
  • Searches and displays any and all types of data available to your organization – and any organization that you choose to share data with.
  • Searches multiple, disparate databases simultaneously.
  • Searches over 60 different types of files.
  • Searches databases, documents, e-mail archives and web sites all at once.
  • Searches large volumes of data – with no size limit.
  • Lets users choose how they want to build searches – using either a simple search form or a more structured, field-based search form.
  • Transforms results into phonetic codes for “sounds-like” comparisons.
  • Instantly groups results by common values.
  • Presents findings using standard and custom-defined reports.
  • Displays original file content in HTML and native formats.
  • Saves and exports data in a variety of formats.