VisuaLinks® is a platform-independent, graphical analysis tool used to discover patterns, trends, associations and hidden networks in any number and type of data sources.

VisuaLinks presents data graphically uncovering underlying relationships and patterns. VisuaLinks addresses the entire analytical process from access and integration to presentation and reporting providing a single and complete solution to a broad range of data analysis needs. VisuaLinks provides an advanced set of analysis tools that allows you to:

  • Integrate multiple databases from different formats and locations
  • Display large volumes of data with no size limit
  • Reveal direct and indirect linkages among entities
  • Couple directly to existing database systems without data re-entry
  • Uncover and expose interactions and relationships between all types of data
  • Provide advanced analytical functions ensuring accurate pattern detection
  • Perform proactive and reactive analysis supporting tactical and strategic operations
  • Easily scale to support any environment
  • Collaborate online with others
  • Save data in a variety of formats including database, HTML, XML, image and text files

VisuaLinks operates in a networked environment using client/server architecture to allow any number of users to analyze and collaborate on any type of information in an endless number of applications. Use our Capability Comparison to find out why VisuaLinks is the most powerful analytical solution available anywhere.